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We Offer Fast & Reliable Medical & HealthCare Solutions to Our Patients

Sarp MultiSpeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd. is one of Odisha’s leading providers of seamless, comprehensive and world class healthcare services. We have 50+ leading doctors with vast experience and top level expertise; who are committed to cater highest standards of medical excellence at very cost effective budget. Our hospital offers superior quality services to our patients. We understand the difficulty in seeking medical treatment outside home. So at Sarp MultiSpeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd., we are eager to get you home.

Chairman's Message

At Sarp MultiSpeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd., it is our level of service and eye for detailing in everything that we do; that truly sets us apart and makes us the care provider of millions of patients. Quality, medical and service excellence are our main features. As the chairman of the hospital, I take the pride of leading a bunch of professionals; who are well equipped and experts in their work. When I started the hospital, my aim was to provide people with the best healthcare service in a convenient manner. I believe we are in the half way now and we are moving towards achieving the goal.

Our Mission & Vision

Care,cure and comfort are the three main pillars of Sarp MultiSpeciality Hospital Pvt. Ltd.. So our passion reflects in the fact that we set the benchmark in industry standards when it comes to care, cure and comfort. Our vision is to deliver International class healthcare with the highest standards of medical and service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education. We are committed towards providing the best medical attention. Our mission is to make a revolution in the healthcare industry by our superior service and affordable pricing.